Welcome To The Zoo is Moving!

ImageWe’re moving!  That’s right, Welcome To The Zoo has a new home on the web!

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to do anything.  Just keep visiting www.welcometothezoo.ca, and you’ll soon get to see our new home too.  It’s very similar to this one, but there are a few changes with lots more for home daycare providers, and a interesting new series called “Adventures”.  This is where I’ll be reviewing all of the cool places we’ve gone with the kids in Ontario and eastern Canada.  From science centers to mines to caves to fossil hunting, you’ll get lots of great ideas for your own family adventures!

In the meantime however, you may notice a few bumps.   My tech guy says it should be all worked out very soon (as long as I keep cooking for him 😉 ).  If you receive Welcome To The Zoo by email, it should continue.  If it doesn’t, feel free to resubscribe by clicking the “Follow By Email” button.   Feel free to find me on Facebook too, where you will also be able to get updates.


Your Thoughts?

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