Why I Love Snow Days

IMAG3122-001If you live in Canada, you’ve experienced a Snow Day.  As a kid, winter mornings always started with Mom turning on the radio.  I don’t think we ever really listened to the radio, except on winter mornings.  We kids would slowly get ready for school while keeping one ear open to hear that beautiful sound, like the voice of an angel, saying:

“All buses in Durham County are cancelled.”.

Then we would either jump back into bed, or rush through breakfast to be the first of our friends outside.

My own kids, not being the morning person that I am, linger in bed, waiting for the verdict.  They know what it means when the light begins to stream in through their windows without the morning ritual of their mother jumping on their beds to wake them up.  Okay, I don’t really jump on their beds.  At least not every day.

But today, the second day after Christmas Break was supposed to end, is also the second Snow Day in a row.  That’s right, extended Christmas for the kiddos.  I know many parents around the county are groaning.  Or wondering how they’ll make due with having to skip another day of work.  But there are still many reasons why I love Snow Days.  Here are five of them:

1.  I don’t have to make the kids’ lunches in the morning.  Yes, I still make my kids’ lunches.  My kids will only be with me for so long, and they have plenty of other responsibilities of their own.  But still, it’s nice to have a break from this chore every once in awhile.

2.  Everyone needs a break from routine now and then.  Kids work hard at school everyday, and even if they don’t, they’re still in a place where they can’t really relax, kick back and be themselves.  Maybe I’m letting my inner introvert show, but being around people for several hours every day is draining.  Snow Days give kids a chance to hide in their rooms, lounge on the couch, and take it easy.

3.  There are SO many things you can do in the snow!  How often does a kid, in this day and age, get an entire day to play in the snow if they want to?  The best snow days are the ones with mountains of snow and a clear sunny sky — perfect weather for sledding, fort-building, and snow angels.

4.  Hot Chocolate.  Snow days are the perfect excuse for curling up with hot chocolate (preferably with whipped cream) after shoveling the driveway.

5.  Snow Days = Relax Days.  If my kids can’t get to school, then schedules are less important.  I don’t have to be anywhere at a particular time (and if I did, then it had to be cancelled anyway), and we can take the day as it comes.  Breakfast and lunch happen whenever we feel like it, the dishes get done … eventually, and our day is wide open.

I know what you’re thinking, Snow Days are difficult when both parents are working and kids aren’t old enough to stay home alone.  It can be rough when your paycheck is docked through no fault of your own.  Or when you feel like you HAVE to get to work, even though you may be risking life and limb on slippery, snow covered roads.  And some jobs are like that, some jobs we can’t do without.  Hospitals, snow plows, stores — they all need to be operational, regardless of the weather.  And I realize our family has the luxury of enjoying a Snow Day for what it can be — an enforced Mental Health Day, something we all need now and then.

So I’ll enjoy this luxury while we have it, because soon enough, buses will be back on the roads whisking us back to the everyday routine of life.


Your Thoughts?

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