Making Life Easier Mondays: Laundry Edition

STARBURST_by_wideeye_adCall me lazy, but I like to make things go as smoothly as possible with as little work on my part as I can get away with. And let’s face it, laundry is one of the most annoying chores in just about any household. The more kids you have, the more of a drain it becomes. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are 5 people living in our house. The youngest is 6, so really, everyone is old enough to do their own laundry. Here’s how we do it:

~ Everyone has their own laundry hamper or basket, kept close to where they dress each day.
~ Everyone is responsible for doing their own laundry. Yes, even Daddy ;-). Everyone knows how to use the washer and dryer, where the laundry detergent and dryer sheets are kept, and how much to add to each load.
~ Everyone is responsible for putting their own laundry away themselves.IMAG2983-1

Here’s how it works in real life:

~ We often remind the kids to check and see if their laundry needs to be done.
~ Since I’m home during the day, I often check on laundry levels and will throw a load of someone else’s laundry in when I am walking by.
~ There have been one or two occasions when the oldest has had to go to school in shorts when really it’s more like pants-weather (not TOO cold), simply because he didn’t get his laundry done in time. Natural consequences at work ;-).
~ Kids and adults alike often switch someone else’s laundry from washer to dryer or from dryer to basket when they’re waiting to do their own laundry. It’s a nice way to help each other out.

This system definitely makes it easier for me and for the kids, since they don’t have to wait on me to do their laundry for them!

Here’s to making life easier!


2 thoughts on “Making Life Easier Mondays: Laundry Edition

  1. Great way to teach responsibility and natural consequences, Megan!
    We work at laundry more as a team and everybody has a hand in this {almost} daily chore and that way it sure makes it easier for me, even though it’s never going away! πŸ˜‰
    Happy Monday, aka Laundry day is some parts of the world. πŸ™‚

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