Freebie Friday: Response Form = Time Saver!

Lined-Paper-BackgroundEver wish you had an easy, online, FREE way to get information from a bunch of people?  For example, when you need contact info from people interested in volunteering for Parent Council, or for your home business, or even for a wedding or say, a women’s conference for church?  Enter Wufoo — an easy-to-use online form generator that can be used on your website, on social media and from a smartphone.  Not only will you get all of that info digitally (as opposed to having them submit it on paper leaving YOU to do all of the data management), but you’ll avoid the “I lost the form, can I get another copy?” questions that inevitably arise in managing any group of people.  userfeedback-wufoo-round1

I’ve made use of Wufoo for 2 major events: a volunteer recruitment event at my children’s school, and for Blossom Women’s Conference, an annual event that our church hosts.  For the conference, we were able to use it to pre-register and check in all of our attendees (almost 100 people in all), all for free.

As with most freebies, Wufoo does have paid options if you find you need more than the free version allows.   However, I’ve found that the 3 forms and up to 100 entries/month have worked wonderfully for our uses!

Happy Friday!


Your Thoughts?

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