Why We Don’t Have A TV

What?!  We don’t have a TV?  Whose crazy idea was that?? Old_TV_Set__STOCK__by_py

While I was doing home daycare , I conducted many, many interviews with prospective parents.  I would greet the family at the door, take them on a tour of the daycare areas, and then we would sit down in the playroom to discuss policies while their little one played with the toys.  At almost every single interview, one parent would glance around the room and then say: “Where’s your TV?”

Surprisingly to some, I never missed having a television set while doing home daycare.  While I was getting lunch ready or tidying up afterwards, the kiddos, mostly toddlers 3 and under, would play.  Go figure.

I did have a portable DVD player to keep one restless little guy quiet during nap time, but it really didn’t keep his interest well at all.  He would much rather be doing things.  And who can blame him?

When our own kiddos were little, we LOVED Treehouse — the 24/7 all-kids-stuff cable channel that we would watch either in the living room or in our basement family room (unfinished as it was).  During long nights with teething restless toddlers, it was a life saver.

But then we started to realize that we could do the same thing with the VCR.  Play episodes incessantly until the cranky teething kiddo passed out from exhaustion or from the Advil, that is.

And we started to realize just how expensive paying for cable really was.  And then we started to realize how there’s nothing worth watching on TV when you actually have the time to watch it for yourself.  So we cut it off. That television set that one of our Youth Group kids found in the trash, fixed up and then sold to us for a great deal, eventually found it’s way to Electronics Recycling heaven.  And hubby managed to get his hands on a second-hand projector.  We watched movies and episodes from network TV websites until I blew it up.  Not intentionally, of course, I was only trying to clean it.  Really.

And then, hubby managed to finagle a brand new projector and my dad found us a giant screen that was no longer being used.  So we still watch movies and television series — probably too much.

But we don’t have a TV.

Having no cable TV means no commercials ;-).  No flash-bang, snazzy toy commercials to get the kids hyped up about the latest, greatest 24-hour sensation, no junk food commercials to whet the appetite for wasted calories, no questionable skin-baring commercials to censor from our children.

It’s the best of both worlds really. And nobody misses that TV.


4 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Have A TV

  1. We have OTA tv, 3 channels, cbc, ctv, global. We watch less for sure. Paying for tv is lame, complete waste of. Money. It’s like paying for a gym membership. Just get outside and get free exercise, or hook up rabbit ears and get free higher quality hd. This winter we are watching more but mostly cause it’s too. Dark to tinker outside.

    • I agree, in this day and age there’s really no reason to pay for tv anymore. We get news online, and can watch a million shows/movies online too. Same thing with dvds — there’s really no reason to buy those since you can pretty much find any movie online. Sure you’ll have to pay for it (itunes, netflix) but it will probably cost less and won’t add to the general household clutter like a physical dvd would :-).

  2. The fact that you had no tv was #1 reason for me to send my little guy to you! It said a lot about how much of yourself you were putting in as daycare provider. Thank you for those first years!

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