Making Life Easier Mondays: Chore List Edition

STARBURST_by_wideeye_adI found this amazing idea while googling how to help my kids stay on top of their chores. It was mind-boggling how simple it was, and it works great! Amidst all of the crafty, cute and creative instructions for Job Jars, Chore Calendars and I Did It! charts, one crazy simple idea popped out.

It’s … a notebook. That’s it, a notebook. This “think outside of the box” blogger came up with the idea to simplify and use a notebook to write out her kids’ chores.

At the top of each page, write the date and then each child’s name with enough space below to IMAG2986fill in their chores. Fill in the chores, and then the kiddos can put a checkmark beside each chore as they complete it. How easy is that?

Our Chore Book has become a homework book as well, since this year we seem to be lucky enough to be receiving a TON of homework assignments from teachers. After the kids clean their plates up from supper, they go straight to the chore book. They prioritize their own tasks and then get right to work. Play time and screen time doesn’t happen for the evening until each chore/task is checked off for the day.

Super easy, super effective! Here’s to making life easier!


Your Thoughts?

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