My First Keurig Hack

It’s no secret that I LOVE my coffee.   And yes, I do have both a Tassimo and a Keurig (as well as a Hamilton Brew Station).  I got the Keurig for a good price from a Kijiji listing, primarily because I can brew regular coffee IMAG1251grounds in it — something the Tassimo won’t do, even though it makes an amazing latte.

I bought a Brew and Save Refillable K-Cup, along with Ekobrew paper filters for just that purpose.  Now I was able to enjoy freshly roasted beans from, ground just moments before brewing.  However, I was finding the resulting cup was a bit weak.

Searching the internet for a solution, I discovered that many others had the same issue with various other brands of reusable k-cups.  With their ideas in mind, I was able to come up with a simple fix.  The difference is very noticeable.  This fix gave me a much richer, strong brew of coffee that smelled amazing!  And it didn’t cost a thing!

Here it is:IMAG1248

1) Take a used K-Cup and clean it out.  The foil will just peel off once you’ve pierced it.  Clean and rinse out any contents.  Lattes, cappucinos and hot chocolate are the easiest to clean out since they don’t have a filter or messy grounds ;-).

2) Cut the plastic k-cup with scissors about half way down so that you’re left with a shorter version of the original.


3) Now, just put it in the reusable k-cup, line it wIMAG1253ith the paper filter (you could probably do it without the filter, but I haven’t tried), and fill with 1.5 to 2 teaspoons of your favourite grind.

4) Stick it in your Keurig and brew!  Simple as that :-).

Why does this make a difference?  From what I understand, it increases the pressure, and allows the water to extract more flavour from the grounds.  This results in a much stronger, much richer brew.



Your Thoughts?

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