PRIDE Training – The First Week

IMAG0325Last night we had our very first adoption training session!

The curriculum is called PRIDE, which stands for Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education.  It’s a 27 hour course, split into 9 weeks worth of 3 hour sessions.  I understand that you can do it privately on two weekends, but the cost runs about $1400-$1500 per couple.  I believe there may be slight differences between the CAS Pride Training and the training done by private agencies, but I’m not sure to what extent.

Our first session was very laid back and a bit of a relief really.  I was nervous, and I’m sure many others in the course were too.  We did some simple get-to-know-you type activities that also increased our awareness of the way adoption, foster care, and kinship care is integrated into our society.  All of these areas of care are represented among the participants of our class, and we went over what each of them means, along with the fourth type: customary care.

We were introduced to our resource material, the PRIDEbook.  It’s a HUGE binder full of the information that each session will be based on.  I plan on reading the entire thing, but it does look pretty daunting!

We also found out that we will probably know who our assigned social worker is by the fourth session.  This is the social worker that will complete our Home Study.  That will be the final step in becoming approved for adoption, and it will happen either during the 9 weeks of PRIDE Training, or any time afterward.

It was a long evening, but we learned a ton and we’re looking forward to the next 8 sessions!


2 thoughts on “PRIDE Training – The First Week

  1. Do you know anyone who has gone through this before? A friend of mine is at the tail end of it all for fostering – it may be a similar course. If you are interested I could ask if I could pass on her info to you.

    • I do know of one couple that has completed all of it, but not recently. I believe the PRIDE training is the same for fostering and adopting (at least it is for our group), so absolutely, I’d love to get in contact with someone who’s done it too! Feel free to pass on my info. Thank you! 🙂

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