The DIY Family Portrait Project

I love having our family portrait done.  We usually go to this amazing place (** ahem — the Photo Studio at Zehrs — ahem**), where they let us do whatever they want.  They usually start us off in some prescribed pose, but it quickly degenerates from there.  We’ve done pile-ons and squishy sandwiches and rabbit ears … but it’s all for a good cause.  And the photographers always seem to enjoy it.  Our last one said he’s never had so much fun taking a family’s picture before!

I’ve learned over the years that not only are the typical family poses where everyone smiles and says ‘cheese’ cause way more stress than they’re worth, they’re expensive too.  Especially when you’re like me and want all of the shots!

So this time around we thought we’d give it a try on our own.  Since Andy’s got an amazing camera, and since portraits just aren’t in the budget right now, it made sense.

I decided that the tidiest, least distracting setting would be the master bedroom.  We were going to try some in the living room as well, but we ran out of time and focus — the kids started to get a wee bit crazy after awhile.

We came up with some promising photos by setting the camera on the time lapse setting.  We edited them in Picasa, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes!  Here are some of our photos, with original (before) and then after we’ve edited them:

Not too shabby for our first try!  We’re going to have to redo the whole family together because none of those worked out terribly well.  Someone was always either grimacing or trying to run away or something.  But that’s okay — we can give it another go whenever the kids are well-rested and in good spirits, no booking required!


4 thoughts on “The DIY Family Portrait Project

    • Lol! She’s our .5 🙂 She’s the daughter of a friend of ours that we call our “honourary 4th child”. She’s with us often enough that we thought we’d include her in these pics!

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