12 Things Daycare Providers Wish Parents Knew

I have amazing clients.  They are wonderful parents that love their kids to pieces.  They spend extra time with them, they miss them when they’re at work, and they show appreciation for what I do.  They pay for stats and don’t complain about my vacation time.  They bring me TimCards and Thank You cards and flowers and Mother’s Day gifts and Christmas gifts.  They back me up when I need to discipline their children, and they respect my home, my time, my children, my property and my business.  In a word, they’re awesome!

In the past however, I’ve had some parents that don’t always get it.  And I’ve heard crazy stories from lots of other daycare providers about just how clueless parents can be.  But here’s the thing:  if I was a parent taking my child to daycare everyday, I might not understand the provider’s side of things either.  So, in the interests of everyone involved, I thought I’d do a litte PSA, just so parents can understand where home daycare providers are coming from.

#12 – If you are at a good Home Daycare, your spot is likely in high demand.  Do everything you can to follow the Provider’s policies, because there is a good chance she can replace you very quickly.

#11 – If your child starts daycare before the age of about 2, he or she will call your Provider “Mommy”.  As much as she reminds them  of her name, they will still default to the name “Mommy”.





9 thoughts on “12 Things Daycare Providers Wish Parents Knew

  1. You hit the nail on the head! I would also add, please change your child’s diapers before coming to daycare. It is not OK for you to bring a child with a diaper that has leaked urine all over their clothes. This is a health hazard. If only my parents would get this info. 🙂

  2. Yes this was hitting the nail right on the head!
    I’ve been doing this for about 15 years and you’d be surprised at the thoughts ppl have that are so untrue about our profession

  3. as a parent who has used daycare in the past I was a little bit surprised at #8. I had kept my child home on days off, doing crafts, baking, playing games but a few times he asked to go to daycare because he wanted to see his best buds lol. Plus they often had special outings to places like the Fire Dept that he liked. Also, my kid likes consistency and even when I was off for a week I would still bring him for a few hours so he could stay in the same morning routine 🙂

    • You sound like an awesome Mom!

      The feedback I’ve gotten about that one point has only been from moms that love spending time with their child and their children are so secure in that love, they have the confidence to enjoy time away, and enjoy time with their parents.

      That point was directed at the “other” type of parents that many providers see day in and day out — the parents that leave their child at daycare from open to close everyday, that bring them for the same hours even though they have the week off, and who complain when the provider takes a stat holiday off, or who says “no” when they ask if she could babysit on the weekend. They leave their sick child in care all day, and they send their child in sandals when it’s zero degrees outside. They are the type of parent that is thinking more about themselves rather than their child, and their child is starving for their love and attention.

      The children of those parents miss them terribly, and the provider that spends time with them hears about it. They’re the kids that want to go home with every other parent, because they’re always the last to be picked up. And then, when mom or dad do finally show up, they throw a huge fit because they feel unimportant. Tantrums get more attention than behaving in that kind of family setup 😉

      It’s just a different way of parenting. I’ve always said to my daycare parents, if you feel a little guilty, you’re doing everything right :-). I feel really bad for the kids whose parents don’t feel guilty about not spending any awake time with them during the day, even though they’re fully able to.

  4. I love this!!! I have a home daycare/preschool and #4 and #5 are huge for me!!! I wish more people understood that!!!! This was fantastic! Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much! This is perfect on so many levels! I just let go of that ‘other’ type of parent this week more so because her parenting skills just suck in every way shape and form. Partly because #3 was an every week kinda thing…..I ended up borrowing money from my sons account t to buy groceries because my husband check went to the mortgage and utilities, and this particular mom hadn’t paid me in two weeks and she was taking up two spots…..you do the math. My last straw was when she brought her oldest on Monday in the same outfit she wore Friday, but the catch? She was sick on Friday and threw up on her outfit. The mother referred to it as a stain and was irate because I was accusing her of being ‘that’ kind of mom. Actually I just asked her to refrain from bringing her kids in clothes with dried vomit on them. While I will miss the girls, and they left on horrible terms, the mother was nothing but trouble from the beginning and caused more headaches for me than I care to share. Thankfully I am one of those good day cares and both spots will be filled Monday!

    • Ugh, I feel so bad for that little girl! But the truth of the matter is that we do have to put our own families first, especially when it comes to paying the bills. I’m glad you were able to speak to the mom about it. Maybe she’ll reconsider how she does things, and the next daycare provider will have an easier go of it! In the meantime, good for you for speaking up and moving on 🙂

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